Introducing FreeSMSDelivery for Android Devices

Do you love the service you are getting with but want to take it with you ? Well, now you can ! has developed an application that works transparently with your existing Android handset. Just download the application to your Android handset and then continue to use your handset as you would normally.

The FreeSmsDelivery application runs silently as a service on your mobile handset routing your text messages through when your destination (Afghanistan, Pakistan) is supported to save you MONEY! If we do not support your destination the text message will use your default network plan. All you need is a Wi-fi connection or data plan to have your messages transparently routed through

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Download to your Android handset OS 2.1 or higher, install the application and then reboot your handset. The reboot is necessary to start the service for the first time. Then when sending text messages to supported FreeSMSDelivery locations enter the international format of the number (ex. +92XXXXXXX or 92XXXXXXX for pakistan and +93XXXXXXX or 93XXXXXXX for afghanistan) and send as normal.